Sunday, October 14, 2012

Seeing and Making Art

A weekend ago was all about art.


 I spent most of the Friday glazing my pottery after its first firing. Judy Tait, owner of Albert County Clay Company, thought my fern bowl looks very good. Though it’s really “our” bowl, as I could not have achieved it without her help.


My medallions and other pieces were also a pleasure to work on. Now I wait a couple of weeks until Judy has a glaze firing.

 Saturday, September 29, was the art studio tour in Moncton. After visiting the markets, and buying a special elephant/Ganesha pendant from my favourite jeweller, Terry Belliveau, we explored several studios but the incessant rain cut short what could have been another pleasant day of discovery. Some galleries and exhibits are open daily or the current exhibitions continue so perhaps we’ll visit another weekend.

On the Sunday the Owens Gallery on Mount Allison campus had its annual Open House. A great opportunity to ‘go behind’ gallery walls; to see the archives of paintings not always exhibited and to talk to restoration staff about the various methods used to detect damages and make repairs.

We spent time at the creative table making art-inspired buttons.

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