Sunday, January 9, 2011

When the lights go out . . .

I’m always a little sad this time of year, after Epiphany when people’s Christmas decorations are packed away, wreaths wrapped up and lights inside and outdoors switched off.

While I’m not really a big ‘Christmassy’ person, I do place candles (battery and electric ones) in our windows and decorate our rooms with a few sparkly things, some antique some from abroad. Year round a basket of white lights sits in our living room.

It’s driving down streets, past houses that just a week ago were lit with brightly coloured lights or strings of sparking white ones that  makes me wish they all stayed on. During the darker days of winter I think we need all the light we can get.

On one road I drive along every week there are two houses that have lights in the windows all the time. I always feel a lightness of heart as I go by.

Of course we can never fully turn off the light. The sun, source of life and energy is still strong in the sky, we just see less of him. The moon still offers her soft silvery stillness. Every day in our yoga classes we salute the sun, as we flow through ‘Surya Namaskar’ honouring its presence. There are also Moon flows to honour our feminine aspect.

This year I made a new intention – I didn’t turn off some lights. I re-cycled our Christmas tree.  Actually it’s a carved painted wooden folk art tree we bought while living in the Niagara area. It began life as a green tree topped with a yellow star, and pierced with holes for miniature lights. My belief there are few things not resurrected through a coat of white paint was once again reinforced.

It’s now a winter snow tree, just like the ones in the garden, sheltering three white birds, - and it’s staying on all year!

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