Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yoga Workshop Time

I spent the last two weekends of April at yoga workshops. First, in Bedford, Nova Scotia, with Swati Chanchani from Yog-Ganga, an Iyengar centre located in the foothills of the lower Himalayas. A demanding three days with this vivacious, charming but strict lady; with much to absorb and process, to take into my own practice and share. 

The second workshop, in Hampton, New Brunswick, was with Doug Keller, from Virginia, U.S.A. A warm, generous man he gave us many insights into how we can use yoga as therapy for physical problems such as tight hamstrings and hips, lower back injuries, tense shoulders; all problems exacerbated by 21st century lifestyle. Doug’s generosity extended to sending all who attended a 91- page document containing most of his weekend comments, complete with fascinating anatomical drawings.

On Sunday, May 27 I was one of the presenters at ‘Healthy Self- Healthy Family’ a workshop for woman organised by Elaine Mandrona and JoAnn Thompson Franklin of Tidewater Physiotherapy Centre for Wellness in Lower Coverdale. Elaine also prepared a delicious lunch for everyone.

Knowing that yoga can be practiced literally anywhere I offered an introduction to Chair Yoga. Not just for people who are elderly or physically incapacitated, chair yoga can be practiced in the office, at home when you need a stretch or a twist without getting out your yoga mat, while travelling by car or ‘plane. I have done yoga on planes and in airports in Toronto, London, UK, Dubai, El Salvador.

It’s very important when 21st century lifestyle is so static to be able to move your body, and breathe properly. You’ve probably heard the recent comment “Sitting can kill you.” You can see from these photos everyone had fun while doing good things for their bodies. That’s one of my principal beliefs in teaching – to laugh and enjoy while stretching, twisting, flowing and finding stillness.

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