Monday, November 28, 2011

Henna -- fading frescoes; unexpected understanding

It’s been just over two weeks since I had my henna designs on a foot and a hand.

 Now they remind me of old faded frescoes; paint gently crumbling away, but remaining beautiful.

At first I protected my hand. Wearing gloves not only for washing dishes but when washing my face and showering.  The latter was not totally fool proof as the water dripped into the glove.

One unexpected aspect of this was to make me very conscious of how it might feel to have a disability. Washing my face with gloves on, I once almost burnt myself not being aware of how very hot the water was. After that, using only a glove on my right hand felt so unbalanced and difficult to get a true sense of connecting with my skin.

Slowly during the past week I’ve left off the glove and allowed the natural process to happen.

As the designs were admired and commented on I wished Larissa lived closer than Fredericton. She is available for special occasions such as bridal showers or wedding days, for women’s  get togethers, mother’s or baby’s blessings, birthdays and corporate events. She can be contacted at Her website is

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