Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Weekend of Healing. Touched With Grace

Healing has many faces and healing has no language barriers.

Last Friday I spent the day in Dieppe at a Breast Cancer Conference – Colloque CSNB - for breast cancer survivors.  Saturday I was in Nova Scotia, part of a group studying Reiki.

Breast cancer survivors, health professionals and executives attended the Conference. As well as telling them about the Warrior Women  - Yoga for Breast Cancer programme I offer, with assistance from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, I led the registrants and speakers in some meditative breathing, stretching and yoga flows between sessions.

Sitting for an hour or so tightens and stiffens any body, however informative the discussion. With translation help, sometimes, I learned later, with more humorous additons than my original comments, we shared some stretches that can be done anywhere to release tension on the body, then practiced a Warrior-Goddess flow of postures. All these women are truly Warriors and Goddess, which is why I created this particular flow for ladies who come to our classes. It’s always available to share with groups such as those gathered on Friday.

Early Saturday I was on the highway driving to Shinimicas just east of Amherst, for another day with Reiki master Gretchen Smith. Noting as I drove the difference a week or two had made in the foliage colours.

Amherst, first settled in 1764, was a thriving regional centre in the late 19th century. Evidence of this prosperity remains in the fine large Victorian and Edwardian homes seen along Victoria Street East, leading toward the rural farming area of my destination.

Reiki, a gentle touch of hands that transfers energy from the practitioner to a client, originated and developed in Japan in the early 20th century by Dr. Mikao Usui.

Seven of us gathered round the table at Gretchen’s farmhouse where she and her family have a herd of cattle including my favourite Herefords, plus horses. The rain flowed all day but inside the room was filled with warmth, laughter, inquiry and a deep sense of healing. Gretchen served a flavourful, nourishing lunch.

We talked, a little about ourselves and backgrounds, why we were interested in studying Reiki and hoped to use in our lives and practice. We received an attunement, an initiation ceremony during which a Reiki master transmits energy to each student to open up our inner healing channels an energy flow.  Gretchen played her flute and each of us realised a special, individual experience – in mine I was encircled by all the pets, mostly cats, I have ever loved and been loved by.

Afterwards we practiced offering a sitting treatment to each other. Gretchen then demonstrated the hand positions and sequence before we took turns working on each other.

Finally we passed the sacred feather shared our thoughts on the day, offered thanks and each returned home, filled with new energy, peace and a touch of grace.

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