Sunday, April 24, 2011

All Wired Up – Wrapped and Coiled

Although my husband has spent his career as a journalist and newspaper editor he has recently become very interested in creative arts. While acknowledging and being impressed by his skill, I’d like to think this might be partly my influence.

During the past couple of years he has taken art classes with Joe Collins at McKenzie College, producing some still-life paintings of pears and apples and couple of beautiful landscapes of one of our favourite places in Maine.

Knowing of his interest in wire jewellery I was excited to see a short course offered at New Brunswick Community College – and found the ideal birthday present, and a new creative outlet.  The evenings spent there were not only relaxing for him but produced several lovely gifts for me as well. With our birthdays only a couple of weeks apart, it was a one-for-two inspiration.

From his work, in just six hours, I received two pairs of dangly silver earrings, a Celtic-style copper ring with a blue-green stone, a wire-wrapped blue stone pendant with an intricately coiled clasp and a second pendant of interwoven cobalt blue wire rings circling an iridescent bead.

Over the years I’ve collected lovely slices of agate and polished stones.  Naturally I’m hoping some of these will soon be wearable art; the kind I see in fashion and jewellery magazines.  At least until the next class is offered this autumn.

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